AdvancedPostIt devlopment update

Progress of this project is moving much faster than i first expected.

I use what i call “Development Versions”(DevV)  to track progress on my project, DevV’s are just backups i make of the project before adding/changing large amounts of code.

Here is the progress I’ve made on the project recently:

-Done As a proof of concept
-Vector SrinkAspectRatio algorithm
-zooming/panning methods.

-Start of the Rewrite
-Support for one image at a time

-Support for multiple images
-Height support for multiple images don’t work
-Width support for multiple images don’t work (&/|Right Margin)

-Implemented classes.. All features of previous Development versions work. These classes make implementing few functions easier

-Improved Programming Logic
-Improved memory/CPU usage from dev v0.03/v0.02
-Implemented ‘Grid view’ (Known error with 3 images)
-Height/Width issue of dev v0.02 fixed.
-Added IOHandeler Class
-Improved Debugging with ‘Debug.txt”
-Dropping unsupported file will no longer cause ‘grid view’ to crash the program

-Implemented UI Facilities
-Changing UI (making it similar to 0.0.1a release)
-Able To zoom in/Out of images.
-Implemented Pan.

0.06: (Current)
-TODO: Allow resize/movement of ScrollViewer Objects

Here are some new screenshots:

New UI
Zoom/pan and multiple images support
Larger screen size, Showing UI, More zoom/pam, 3,3 was a unsupported file, thus its not showing

The pictures in the program is of Starcraft 2 HOS, from Inside Gaming.

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