Security vulnerability? Antivirus and my keylogger…

Just out of curiosity i wanted to learn how to make a key-logger… In less than 2 hours I was able to make a program that detects keystrokes and emails them to me.

At first my antivirus did pick it up, but soon I found out that was because my program was trying to  write to a file that was already open. After a minute of re-programming i fixed that hole, and now the program can run easily without being picked up by my antivirus..

Then i thought it wasn’t catching it because i was the author of the program and my antivirus (AVG Free 2011) knows that, so it doesn’t catch it on my computer, but i proved that assumption wrong by successfully running it on my net-book which is using Windows 7 starter and Microsoft security essentials.

The program is about 11kb is size and take around 5-8mb of memory to run. Most people wouldn’t bother to check Task Manager to see what process are running, and therefore not even realize its running.

Example of the email i get:

“LButton LButton ShiftKey LShiftKey T H I S Space I S Space A N Space E X A M P L E Space O F Space A Space S Back F I L E Space T H A T Space I S Space S E N T Space T O Space M E Space V I A Space E M A I L OemPeriod OemPeriod OemPeriod Space I OemQuotes M Space S U R P R I S E D Space T H A T Space N O Space A N T I V I R U S Space P R O G R A M Space H A S Space D E T E D Back C T E D Space I T Space Y E Y Back T OemPeriod OemPeriod OemPeriod Space L O O K Space M Y Space P A S W O R D Space I S ShiftKey LShiftKey OemSemicolon Space M M M A J H F C U A B C G J K ShiftKey LShiftKey D2 D7 D7 D3 J LButton LButton LButton LButton RButton LButton”

So am I missing something? Because I really don’t understand how I was able to make such a program in less than 2 hours.

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