Kinect for Windows v2 unboxing (consumer version)

So I got my Kinect for Windows v2 recently and i thought I’d show whats inside..


So the box is fun stuff…DSC_0115

Nothing too exciting

DSC_0116 (2)


I wonder whats different apart from the inclusion of a hub to allow us to connect via USB…DSC_0118 DSC_0119


In the box:DSC_0120 DSC_0121


Full box contents…i seem to have gotten 2 extra manuals and an extra intro book thing. DSC_0123



The “KINECT for WINDOWS HUB” (not raging, that’s what its called…according to the outside of it). DSC_0124 DSC_0126 DSC_0127 DSC_0128






USB 3.0 Type A to Type B cable.



Power brick.DSC_0130Kinect 2 proprietary connector.



Finally the Kinect v2:









The Kinect v2 is a class 1 laser product (means its completely safe).





The setup wasn’t difficult, basically plug in the cables where they fit, cant really mess it up.

Although in the future I’d like to see 1 power cable included instead of 2 which work in my country (Australia). Also it would be much better if the power brick and the “KINECT for WINDOWS HUB” were combined, it would reduce some clutter (it was combined in the developer preview… they seem to have separated them for some reason).

The cables are rather long, which is nice due to some of the applications of this product.




I would have really liked to see a monitor mount for the Kinect as this version of it is directed at PC users. Lucky for me i found it an snug position below my monitor (it doesn’t get coverd by the keyboard as you can tilt the Kinect up).




The hub has an inbult LED to indicate that its connected.



Some pictures of what kind of information you can expect from the new Kinect:



These are particularly cool as you can move around the demo and see your subject move from a angle the camera isn’t placed at.



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