AdvancedPostIt Devlopment Update (DevV0.06)

A lot of new things have been added to this protect from DevV0.05, the size of the project has nearly tripled in a week! Here is the log for 0.06: -The ‘image viewer’ Renamed to “AdvancedPostItImage” -Zoom/pan implemented for the image viewer. -Reworked logic for image viewer. -Video Support… -New App “VideoPlayerVLC” and “VideoPlayerWindows.xaml” forContinue reading “AdvancedPostIt Devlopment Update (DevV0.06)”

Using the VLC ActiveX control in WPF

How to integrate the powerful VLC media player into your WPF application Prerequisites: Windows version of VLC Media Player with the ActiveX component installed. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 professional / Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express (Don’t know if this method works on older versions). Instructions: If you are not adding this to a current project thenContinue reading “Using the VLC ActiveX control in WPF”