AdvancedPostIt Devlopment Update (DevV0.06)

A lot of new things have been added to this protect from DevV0.05, the size of the project has nearly tripled in a week! Here is the log for 0.06: -The ‘image viewer’ Renamed to “AdvancedPostItImage” -Zoom/pan implemented for the image viewer. -Reworked logic for image viewer. -Video Support… -New App “VideoPlayerVLC” and “VideoPlayerWindows.xaml” forContinue reading “AdvancedPostIt Devlopment Update (DevV0.06)”

Something i’m working on..

A few weeks ago i started working on a application that i can use when working/doing assignments. The idea behind the program is simple, i needed something that can display information/pictures/videos, and will stay on top of any other applications I’m running. I don’t have a duel monitor setup, and a program such as that,Continue reading “Something i’m working on..”