Occupy, the Internet, Direct Democracy, and the lessons learnt

Introduction The first formal Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest took place on September 17 2011 attracting around 1000 activists,[1] the march was instigated by an article from Adbusters magazine[2] which originally challenged citizens to start a popular uprising with a “million man march on Wall Street”[3] then later asked its readers to “flood into lowerContinue reading “Occupy, the Internet, Direct Democracy, and the lessons learnt”

Impact of race and religion for refugees in Australia.

It is interesting to observe the impact race and religion has on refugees. Australia, as we know it today, has been built by immigrants. The first non-indigenous arrivals were the British in 1788 and declared that the land was ‘terra nullius’ even though the settlers were aware of the native population (Thompson 2011). Around 1850Continue reading “Impact of race and religion for refugees in Australia.”

The truth of photographs

“…the camera’s ability to transform reality into something beautiful derives from its relative weakness as a means of conveying truth.” (Sontag 1973) The above quote by Sontag (1973) refers to the fact that the end photograph someone sees has been influenced by the photographer’s choice of composition and any alterations made to the overall work,Continue reading “The truth of photographs”