Automatic watering system – Part 1: EcoDuino setup (2020, Win10)

The EcoDunio kit by DFRobot is a sets up an automatic watering system for people who want a more hands off approach to growing plants. While this setup is possible with an Arduino and associated sensors, the EcoDunio kit packages it up with an Atmega32U4 microcontroller and all the components you will need to getContinue reading “Automatic watering system – Part 1: EcoDuino setup (2020, Win10)”

Getting dominant colours of an image (using k-Means)

Finding the dominant colours in an image could be useful for a number of creative applications, however, more importantly it’s a fun learning exercise. Adobe Capture (iOS, Google Play)’s ‘colors’ feature is a good example the output of this guide: Also please make sure to follow the supermodel who’s image I’m using to demonstrate theseContinue reading “Getting dominant colours of an image (using k-Means)”

Career development tips from someone who ignored it in the past

Career development is something I haven’t taken too seriously in the past. I have heard about these ideas in the past but I chose to follow the advice as I thought it was unnecessary. Up until recently I was under the impression that if you have a good work ethic and constantly deliver, opportunity wouldContinue reading “Career development tips from someone who ignored it in the past”

Diff in .Net Core using textdiffcore

In Unix systems the ‘diff’ command is used to highlight the differences between files, it is an extremely useful tool for comparing documents. Outside of Unix systems this functionality is hard to come by, especially if you need to embed the functionality into your program. This is where the textdiffcore package fits in; textdiffcore isContinue reading “Diff in .Net Core using textdiffcore”

The plurality of truth

This is a critical analysis of Raimon Panikkar’s text “THE PLURALISM OF TRUTH” – the text can be accessed here ( Raimon Panikkar starts off his 1990 article on the pluralism of truth by reminding us why tolerating, nay, accepting each other’s culture and religion is now more important than ever; he highlights that forContinue reading “The plurality of truth”