Security vulnerability? Antivirus and my keylogger…

Just out of curiosity i wanted to learn how to make a key-logger… In less than 2 hours I was able to make a program that detects keystrokes and emails them to me. At first my antivirus did pick it up, but soon I found out that was because my program was trying to  writeContinue reading “Security vulnerability? Antivirus and my keylogger…”

Using the VLC ActiveX control in WPF

How to integrate the powerful VLC media player into your WPF application Prerequisites: Windows version of VLC Media Player with the ActiveX component installed. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 professional / Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express (Don’t know if this method works on older versions). Instructions: If you are not adding this to a current project thenContinue reading “Using the VLC ActiveX control in WPF”

Something i’m working on..

A few weeks ago i started working on a application that i can use when working/doing assignments. The idea behind the program is simple, i needed something that can display information/pictures/videos, and will stay on top of any other applications I’m running. I don’t have a duel monitor setup, and a program such as that,Continue reading “Something i’m working on..”