How to import freinds from Facebook to Google plus (via Yahoo and Gmail)

I know that there are tons of tutorials on this already, but well none of them actually worked for me. Here is how i did it.

Here are the four things that you will need:

  1. A Facebook account.
  2. A Yahoo Account (if you don’t already have one, sign up).
  3. A G-mail Account
  4. A Google plus account connected to your G-mail account.

The steps are pretty simple, shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes:

  1. Log in to (Follow these steps in Internet Explorer, i had trouble with Firefox in Yahooo mail with Firefox).If you get re-directed to the home page, click on mail.
  2. Go to the contacts tab and them click on import contacts. (This is why i recommended doing this in IE, The import contacts button didn’t work for me in Firefox)
  3. Click on the Facebook button.
  4. A window will popup, just follow the steps on it to log on to Facebook and allow access to yahoo.
  5. Once yahoo has finished importing your contacts click on ‘Actions’ then ‘Export all’. In the next window, export the ‘vCard Single File’ and save it somewhere.
  6. Then log on to G-mail (you can stop using IE now). Click on ‘Contacts’, then ‘More Actions”, then ‘Import’, then browse and import the file you saved from yahoo.
  7. Log on to Google+, Click on the circles button, then clock on ‘Find and Invite’, once you are there your G-mail contacts should appear in the list. you can now drag and drop people on to your circles to add/invite them on/to Google+.

Also you can add me to one of your circles :P.

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