Something i’m working on..

A few weeks ago i started working on a application that i can use when working/doing assignments. The idea behind the program is simple, i needed something that can display information/pictures/videos, and will stay on top of any other applications I’m running. I don’t have a duel monitor setup, and a program such as that, will reduce the amount of ‘alt+tab’ing i do.

Last week i created a project on SourceForge. and posted something similar to a Proof of concept on TheNewBoston forums, and uploaded the project on SourceForge,(and i was surprised to find this soon after i uploaded it). Since then i didn’t have much time to work on it.

I’ve started work on the re-writing of the program, some of the new things i’m trying to achieve with it are:

  • Support for multiple images.
  • Reduce memory usage.
  • Support for video.

Here is a screen-shot after some rewriting:

I will re start working on it in about 2-3 weeks, i need to do a few other things first.

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